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4 Things You Should Know About Coffee

By :Lynn Hearn 0 comments
4 Things You Should Know About Coffee
  1. Its actually a fruit. Coffee turns brown after roasting. Coffee in its green form can last a year, but to get the best flavour drink up to 2 weeks after roasting.
  2. Better not bitter. Bitterness comes from stales coffee this is why it is important to drink within 2 weeks after roasting.
  3. Distinct Flavours. Every Country has a different variety and flavour. Coffee is meant to be different with each crop, even the way it is roast creates a difference in the outcome of flavours.
  4. 'Fresh' is Best? This word is used over and over to advertise coffee, but what should you really be looking for? Look for packages that have a roasting date. For the best tasting 'Fresh' cup start consuming about 3 days after roasting and finish approximately 2 weeks after roasting. Most coffees out there don't even put a roasting date - only a best before date - which is usually more than a year since it was roasted. The only way to guarantee you are getting the best flavour is to visit your local roaster, Like us here at Connected Minds Custom Roasters!


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